Automatic Lidar and Ceilometer

Command line interface

alcf-convert – Convert input instrument or model data to NetCDF.


alcf convert [options] <type> [--] <input> <output>


Arguments following -- are treated as literal strings. Use this delimiter if the input or output file names might otherwise be interpreted as non-strings, e.g. purely numerical file names.


  • type: Input data type (see Types below).
  • input: Input filename or dirname. If input is a directory, all data files ending with the correct file extension (see Types below) in input are converted to corresponding .nc files in the directory output. If the option -r is supplied, the directory is processed recursively.
  • output: Output filename or dirname.


  • -r: Process the input directory recursively. The same directory structure is created under output.


  • amps: Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System (AMPS) GRIB files. Input file extension .grb.
  • cl31: Vaisala CL31. Input file extension .dat, .DAT, .asc or .ASC.
  • cl51: Vaisala CL51. Input file extension .dat, .DAT, .asc or .ASC.
  • jra55: JRA-55 reanalysis. No input file extension.
  • mpl: MiniMPL or MPL. Input file extension .mpl or .MPL.


Convert raw Vaisala CL51 data in cl51_dat to NetCDF and store the output in the directory cl51_nc.

alcf convert cl51 cl51_dat cl51_nc

Convert JRA-55 data in jra55_grib to NetCDF and store the output in the directory jra55_nc.

alcf convert jra55 jra55_grib jra55_nc